what all cis people need to know:

"cis" is not an acronym. it should not be capitalized like "CIS". it is a Latin prefix meaning "on this side of", like cislunar space, cisalpine Gaul, or cis isomers in chemistry.

please i'm begging you. tell a friend. yours, a trans pedant

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@nev It can be an acronym for the commonwealth of independent states, but it is not in this context. This might be where the confusion is coming from.

@Elizafox @nev My phone tried to autocorrect it to capitals, once, probably for this reason, but then I taught it that โ€œcisโ€ is a real word. It doesnโ€™t try any more.

@nev If I saw this being capitalized, I would think that Karens were yelling it for emphasis. Like the louder they type it, the more superior they feel.

@nev Autocorrect does it, and it took forever for me to get my keyboard to suggest cis first instead of CIS. (It still sometimes does at the beginning of a sentence.) Proofreading is important.

@nev Yes. Something else that I had to learn was that โ€œcisโ€ and โ€œtransโ€ in this context are abbreviations for โ€œcisgenderโ€ and โ€œtransgenderโ€, so add a space after (e.g. โ€œcis manโ€ not โ€œcismanโ€).

@mithriltabby this is something that has changed over time and still varies in use, so personally not a big deal to me. I know other ppl care about it tho

@nev being raised by a classics major really gave me a leg up on this because she'd failed to teach me Latin but I still immediately said "oh like cisalpine Gaul?" which... just so handy to have a citation!

@nev Yep. Normally we should strive to avoid prescriptivism, but marginalized communities absolutely have the right to determine the terms that are used to describe them.

@nev I think a lot of cishet people who hate the prefix do so because it sounds similar to "sis", as in "sissy", which is often said in a derogatory way.

@nev Also a pedant: While I agree, I suspect it's a rather small group who would be readily familiar with other examples...

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