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Fun fact: legendary microbiologist Carl Woese possessed a custom-labelled "Primordial Soup" can. The label was made in the late '80's/early 90's by another microbiologist, Jim Brown, then a postdoc at the University of Illinois. storied.illinois.edu/curiositi

Brown later made an updated, high-res version: web.archive.org/web/2005111700

@nev i really love the macintosh desktop publishing vibe of the older one!

@jalefkowit @nev i made a zine once that was all atkinson dithered images and chicago font text and I don't think anyone really got it

@nev ooh, the profs in my molecular biology course hated Woese

I don't remember why, but there was drama

@eearroyo1312 apparently for quite a long time he was regarded as something of a crank, until his three-domain system gained mainstream acceptance. ironically now the science is swinging back towards a two-domain system—but with eukaryotes nested WITHIN(!!!!!!!!) Archaea(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

@nev yeah, i think he was also very rude to someone?

But yeah, it's funny. Eukaryotes are just archea with endosymbionts

@nev “Summer 1-2 billion years or until done.”

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