can you imagine being the hotel that hosts the big entomology conference. you know that place has gotta be PRISTINE. you can't get away with "oh no that's not a bedbug/roach." they're gonna be like "actually i described this subspecies in 2003"

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@nev hotel that hosts the big hotel management convention

@prehensile @nev i saw an intricate napkin folding exhibition at a museum in Basel and i worry about all the fancier restaurants in town during its run

(also - i had forgotten this story - I went to that museum with a friend, also not swiss, who is big in the origami world, and at the exhibit he ran into someone he knew, because napkin folding is adjacent to origami i guess!)

i mean wet shaping paper already is a thing, and starched napkins probably have some pretty nice properties for artistic stuff
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food mention 

@nev Reminds me of my mother accidentally terrorising the staff of a posh restaurant by asking the Latin name of the fungus in the wild mushroom dish

@nev I actually stayed at a hotel this summer that also had an insect research lab. Don't know where that idea to combine those two thing came from, but once a week you can get a tour of the labs - we happened to get there on the right day - and it was amazing. Six people sorting through jars of insects under microscopes and putting them in different containers for DNA tests.

We didn't know anything about that before we got there, but we did have a laugh with the manager of the hotel when we booked because they were super busy because they had a international conference of entomology, and the manager had just learned how to say cheers in Hungarian, which just happens to be the only Hungarian word I know.

They had activities for kids where they ran around collecting insects and tried to identify what they found.

Also the walls had a lot of amazing closeup photographs of bugs. I imagine that's a nightmare for some people.

I wish we were there when they had the conference.

The place was called Station Linnรฉ and is on ร–land, Sweden. I want to go there again.

@nev If I know zoologists, I reckon you could charge them extra if you promise there will be a lot of different cockroaches in their room.

@nev Hardest conference of all is the International Federation of Hotel Inspectors.

@nev alternatively: release a few little crawlers into the hotel to give the attendees something to get excited about

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