Slowly chugging along on but it seems I open another tab for every one I finish writing up 😓

Just posted a new ! In the latest roundup of arachnid art, news, and science:

- VR spiderweb sound art, award-winning photos, and more media
- upcoming arachnology events
- slingshot spiders and harvesters on treadmills
- new species with nerdy and muscial names
- and more!


dreamed I published a tiny post, today perhaps I will make my dream a reality

🕷️ ⭐ 🕸️ ⭐ 🦂

I'M BACK, BITCHES. In the latest :

- awesome photos and art
- the latest retractions in the ongoing fraud scandal
- new research in venom, silk, ecology, and agriculture
- new species, including one named after Gollum
- and more!


okay, ignorant question, there really any practical difference between "natural"/organic pesticides and conventional ones?

i've been reading lots of papers about potential pesticides for (because mites) and many are touted as "natural" but like...

a very newsy day

- put out
- trans journalists association membership went through
- subscribed to west end phoenix a while back [a local nonprofit paper] and first issue arrived. i want to pitch a small column to them and i figured i should put my money where my mouth is
- signing up for a virtual conference 'cause it's free

impostor syndrome going haywire because I'm jUsT a BlOgGeR haha


I WROTE THING. In this :

fantasy art
new books
court cases
picky black widows
the effects of Arctic climate change
tarantula trafficking
tons of new species
and more!


Had hoped to finish today but between the heat and depression I am exhausted and cannot focus. It seems it will end up being every two weeks rather than weekly.

The new is out! The latest art, news, and research about spiders, scorpions, and even weirder things:

i get to explain how naming species is like roller derby


I finally wrote thing!!!

In the latest :

- arachnological orgs' statements on
- arachnologists on livestreams
- new research on climate change & cannibalism/sex warfare/how tailless whipscorpions sense the world/and much more…

🕷️ 🕸️ 🦂 🐘

me writing up new species for

p. s. the deal:

p. p. s. i've settled for "Myanmar" as the noun, "Burmese" as the adjective (e. g. "a new species found in Myanmar" but "Burmese amber")

writing up , 11 items left!

*ignores World Spider Catalog, 6 unread Google Scholar search alert digests in inbox, Twitter faves*

things I didn't get done last week:

things I did get done:
- minimum of work
- laundry
- groceries
- got med refills
- got cat litter
- some spidering

I wrote a thing! In this week's , a roundup of arachnid art, news, and science:

- cool crafts
- science at home
- big changes for jumping spider & pirate spider family trees
- venom pharmaceutical research
- and more!


soon, , but first I am faint and need a lie down

note: yes this is because of all the Norman Platnick tributes I've been reading for , RIP the GOAT. an OG or, more properly, PG (the P stands for plesiomorphic)

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it's the best day of the week. day. we got cool photos, art, podcasts, videos, and lots of new science. put it in your face 🕷️ 🦂 🕸️


time! In this week's roundup of arachnid art, news, and science:

- 's Infinite Tarantula Island
- 7 new peacock jumping spiders
- kleptoparasitism
- an animal behaviour conference cancelled
…and more.


You may have forgotten what day of the week it is. It's day! In the latest edition:

- a bunch of postponed conferences
- 3D jumping spider models
- spiders with noses, harvestpeople with unicorn horns
- and more! 🕷️ 🦂 🕸️

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹

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