5: a Tetragnatha long-jawed orbweaver on staghorn sumac. From Humber Bay Park, early July. 🐦

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3: spider with this Neoscona crucifera eating a stink bug! Found yesterday on the KQR pedestrian bridge. Using the clip-on macro lens over the front-facing camera was the only way I could get a good photo of it!


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Going back through my pics for spider photos I'm pretty sure I haven't posted on here before. Here's a running crab spider (Philodromus) from late May. Exhibition Place. 🐦

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Three orders of arachnids from tonight's walk:

- harvester (Opiliones: ???)
- whirligig mite (Acari: Anystidae)
- long-jawed orbweaver (Araneae: Tetragnathidae)


On last night's walk I saw this ant-mimic jumping spider (Synageles sp.?) preying on a midge attracted to a short post light. This isn't the first Synageles I've found out at night hunting by artificial light. Hmmm. 🐦

Going through some old photos, found this lovely Eustala orbweaver on a tree trunk about a month back, don't think I posted it here. 🐦

Went down to the mouth of the Humber for some night spidering and it was so worth it!

1. Phidippus audax
2. Zygiella male
3. Larinioides
4. Agelenopsis male


Once again found myself taking close-up photos of spider genitalia through the window in the wee hours of the morning. 🐦

Nighttime window visitor. With my phone flashlight it just looked like another yellow sac spider, but this close-up caught all the identifying details of a male Agelenopsis grass spider! Note the pedipalp's unique hoop with a little curly bit on the end. 🐦

A female missing-sector orbweaver (left) and a cautious male suitor (right). Common sight this time of year. 🐦

No grass, no problem: a grass spider (Agelenopsis) living in a tree watering bag. She was big and fat, too - must be a good location.


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in this lovely turtle mosaic on the wall of a school on Gladstone Ave. A small yellow sac spider (Cheiracanthium sp.) has built a shelter between the tiles. 🐦

As a light rain began to fall, this juvenile Phidippus audax emerged from a hole in the fence to get a drink.


No grass? No problem!

The first in what will no doubt be a long-running series documenting the weirdest and most extreme places that grass spiders (Agelenopsis) build their webs.

Check out this small "carpenter ant" I found crossing the floor in my room... 🤔🤔🤔


: Pirate Queen.

This is the biggest pirate spider (Mimetus c.f. puritanus, family Mimetidae) I've found so far! These spiders specialize in hunting other spiders by mimicking the web vibrations of prey or suitors. 🐦

From the outside of the HOPE Garden: a little crab spider (Mecaphesa?), aphids giving birth, green sweat bee. I'm too shy to ask to go in just to take pictures of bugs... 🐦

Unexpected guest: this male Hentzia palmarum! Gave him a drink and put him out in the garden. 🐘

Spider-free : Duplex. A missing-sector orbweaver's circular web (bottom left) is attached to a grass spider's sheet-like web (top right). 🐦

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹

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