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videogame with a carcinisation feature. every so often you'll hear a soft 'pop' and someone nearby but not in your field of view will have turned into a crab. they stay as a crab for the whole game. you can no longer talk to them.

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I was just reminded of the IM Fell fonts, which I stumbled over a few years ago in RPG circles.
Example page using it:

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idea: the little mermaid but with abyssal sea life/hydrothermal vents and stuff. like,,maybe she's an anglerfish

yes this is inspired by the current Schmidt Ocean ROV dive livestream youtube.com/watch?v=QVhjazt2w-

saddest six word short story: "the agenda has not been published"

@glitternoodle surely then they would have had time for the dough to rise

@balrogboogie and a slightly more recent one about a scientist who travels back in time to the prehistoric past of an almost identical parallel universe, only to wonder if he's returned to the present in his original universe or in a third, almost identical parallel one.

@balrogboogie there's an old sf short story about a mad scientist who keeps going further back in time killing off important historical figures, perplexed that it doesn't change anything in the present…only to find that it only changes HIS timeline, and he's effectively a ghost. A creative way to think about it

@balrogboogie I would tentatively say, not necessarily—since time travel (like faster-than-light travel) is effectively supernatural and doesn't play by the same rules. Or rather, you can make up the rules for it.

@Taweret > "I’ve had the soft, leathery caress of a bat’s wing against my buttocks while having a poo…" nytimes.com/2021/10/08/science

(since you seem to be on a poop kick)

19: a cobweb spider (family Theridiidae) from the Queen & Dufferin railway underpass. I like its beady little eyes. 🐦

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My feed is honestly very US/EU oriented and i was wondering if there are any South-East Asian tech folk, activists that i can follow, especially in the Philippines.




@deejoe it would be very cool if they did, but that's probably many years away ;_;

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹

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