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Here's Cory Doctorow (@pluralistic) with some thoughts on the Framework laptop which has great reparability and customization. Exciting to see how it evolves over time although it does look promising here.

(also zoom is forcing me to update it and restart now anyway)

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Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (Cassandra Peterson) opens up about her 19-year relationship with another woman in her new memoir


i've just joined a zoom meeting and the organizer announced there will be a "game" and we will be "getting to know neighbours". immediately realize i've made a huge mistake and need to leave

: pet house centipede molted overnight! Grew back a couple legs. 🐘

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We're kicking off the commons.hour - a monthly open gathering to learn, share and co-design a governance model and handbook for #cooperative-#commons tech infra initiatives like #meetcoop

📆 Monday 27th at 18h UTC


Sign up & join us!

cc @Matt_Noyes @matslats @jdaviescoates @coopsmark @msavoritias @zkat @coopcloud @donestech @Stacco @jamiem @fredsultan @Sybille_Saint_Girons @disco_coop @agaric @strypey @flgnk @oli

Dream journal: using Google Street View to walk around inside St. Hilda's [my old uni residence], I could even go into individual rooms

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Reviewing the calendar I see that this coming Sunday is Stanislov Petrov Day. There are many famous military figures responsible for countless deaths. Petrov is a lesser known military figure responsible for preventing countless deaths by preventing the start of a nuclear war.

election night results: one of the building cats has wandered by for the second time.

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If you want to follow the Canadian 2021 federal election results live as they come in (polls have closed in Newfoundland and Labrador so those are coming in) you can do so as usual by the CBC page here:

You can also scroll down to "Find my riding" to select ridings you would like to follow.

#elxn44, #cdnpoli 

Polls haven't closed here yet, so no results so far, but will be checking results here:

I'm actually quite surprised we had a Marxist-Leninist Party candidate but none from the Communist Party of Canada?? What happened THERE.


election night results: one (1) raccoon has just ambled by my bedroom window. The night is young and we expect more, possibly even a skunk or an opossum, over the next several hours

Got a short video too. Notice how its abdomen, striped to produce the illusion of 3 body segments, waves back and forth. You can also see the large front middle eyes glinting in the light.

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On last night's walk I saw this ant-mimic jumping spider (Synageles sp.?) preying on a midge attracted to a short post light. This isn't the first Synageles I've found out at night hunting by artificial light. Hmmm. 🐦

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everyones talking about Dune this and Dune that, sorry im too busy DUNE ur mom lol

(in my experience the best way to see large wildlife is to not have music on, so you hear them rustling around)

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walking down the street with music blasting thinking "i never see skunks around here, i'm fine." stop for a second, skunk is right beside me. put the earbuds away

(tonight's count: a modest 3 skunks, 2 raccoons)

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Do any fedi friends have access to a theological library?

I'm trying to find someone to help me get a photocopy of a page or two from this book:

It allegedly contains a photo of a cuneiform tablet which records history's oldest joke.

As a clown, I need a copy. :)

I'm also interested in having a copy of the book, though it seems to be looooooong out of print.

Any help, including boosts, appreciated!

Afternoon nap dream journal: took a nighttime walk along the waterfront and ended up in Philadelphia, which apparently is right next to Toronto. Wandered into a school where I heard a teacher giving an amazing lecture on Lord of the Rings and made a friend. Then walked back.

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹

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