I can play a rpg again, yeeeh :chick_party:

That is Brindlewood Bay ("murder, she wrotes" meets Lovercraft meets "Greek" mythology) but I'm changing the setting with something related to Sri Lanka folklore (and moving the place accordingly).

Playing old ladies solving mystery (with a looming conspiracy in the background) seems a lot of fun but the manual seems to be written for a GM that is already accustomed to pbta games and has seen their share of old tv shows in English.
I'm an intimidated GM :chick_closed_eyes:

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O anche un libro per bimbi in età prescolare? Suggerimenti?
Lo so che son troppo genericə, purtroppo non so cosa possa piacergli, che è quasi un paio d'anni che non lo vedo. :(

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Hey :chick_bunny_costume: can someone recommend me a board game for young kids 2-4 years old (available in Europe) that can be fun for the parents too? ^^
It can be a game for a slightly older kid too, as long as it hasn't small parts.

The piece of wood is his new elevator (he still likes high places).
If I don't transport him where he wants, when he wants, he gets angry...

It seems that it's already fireworks season here. :blobshrug:

Explaining again what NFTs are to my dad (since his works is resold too). Bah

I can explain the technical part, albeit superficially; everything else is incomprehensible for all of us.

I want to play a ttrpg at a real table ugh.
Also not DnD or generic fantasy things, ahah

Last time was a reskin of "honey heist" with geese that want to conquer the word instead of criminal bears.
Since no one wanted to be a GM for a silly one shot, we divided things in scenes (rotating the GM role). It works pretty well.

October and November according to my calendar. I want to check December but I don't want to touch it again.

Pasta "recipe". Vegetarian. 

I'm pretty happy with this pasta, I'm just listing the ingredients:

for the sauce: tomatoes, spinach leaves, onions (preferably shallots) peppers (the not-spicy ones for salads, preferably the round ones), black pepper, dry hot pepper, thyme, olive oil, salt.

pasta: buh, I used penne, but whatever...

Completely optional: Pecorino cheese.

Fatto il sugo della pasta con: pomodoro, spinaci, scalogni, peperoni (quelli piccoli e tondi), timo, pepe e peperoncino. Ci sta bene il pecorino, magari anche un pochinino di provola.

Che mi piaceva già la pasta un po' erbosa con gli spinaci, ma mancava qualcosa (i peperoni). Così va bene.

Proof that my photos are cursed.
How many legs can I count? Seven, I think.

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My dog.

Not my photo. In my photos she resembles Satan's dog.

food, not vegetarian 

Ok, pasta with mushrooms and anchovies is really, really good. :chick_chefkiss:

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹

<svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" id="hometownlogo" x="0px" y="0px" viewBox="25 40 50 20" width="100%" height="100%"><g><path d="M55.9,53.9H35.3c-0.7,0-1.3,0.6-1.3,1.3s0.6,1.3,1.3,1.3h20.6c0.7,0,1.3-0.6,1.3-1.3S56.6,53.9,55.9,53.9z"/><path d="M55.9,58.2H35.3c-0.7,0-1.3,0.6-1.3,1.3s0.6,1.3,1.3,1.3h20.6c0.7,0,1.3-0.6,1.3-1.3S56.6,58.2,55.9,58.2z"/><path d="M55.9,62.6H35.3c-0.7,0-1.3,0.6-1.3,1.3s0.6,1.3,1.3,1.3h20.6c0.7,0,1.3-0.6,1.3-1.3S56.6,62.6,55.9,62.6z"/><path d="M64.8,53.9c-0.7,0-1.3,0.6-1.3,1.3v8.8c0,0.7,0.6,1.3,1.3,1.3s1.3-0.6,1.3-1.3v-8.8C66,54.4,65.4,53.9,64.8,53.9z"/><path d="M60.4,53.9c-0.7,0-1.3,0.6-1.3,1.3v8.8c0,0.7,0.6,1.3,1.3,1.3s1.3-0.6,1.3-1.3v-8.8C61.6,54.4,61.1,53.9,60.4,53.9z"/><path d="M63.7,48.3c1.3-0.7,2-2.5,2-5.6c0-3.6-0.9-7.8-3.3-7.8s-3.3,4.2-3.3,7.8c0,3.1,0.7,4.9,2,5.6v2.4c0,0.7,0.6,1.3,1.3,1.3 s1.3-0.6,1.3-1.3V48.3z M62.4,37.8c0.4,0.8,0.8,2.5,0.8,4.9c0,2.5-0.5,3.4-0.8,3.4s-0.8-0.9-0.8-3.4C61.7,40.3,62.1,38.6,62.4,37.8 z"/><path d="M57,42.7c0-0.1-0.1-0.1-0.1-0.2l-3.2-4.1c-0.2-0.3-0.6-0.5-1-0.5h-1.6v-1.9c0-0.7-0.6-1.3-1.3-1.3s-1.3,0.6-1.3,1.3V38 h-3.9h-1.1h-5.2c-0.4,0-0.7,0.2-1,0.5l-3.2,4.1c0,0.1-0.1,0.1-0.1,0.2c0,0-0.1,0.1-0.1,0.1C34,43,34,43.2,34,43.3v7.4 c0,0.7,0.6,1.3,1.3,1.3h5.2h7.4h8c0.7,0,1.3-0.6,1.3-1.3v-7.4c0-0.2,0-0.3-0.1-0.4C57,42.8,57,42.8,57,42.7z M41.7,49.5h-5.2v-4.9 h10.2v4.9H41.7z M48.5,42.1l-1.2-1.6h4.8l1.2,1.6H48.5z M44.1,40.5l1.2,1.6h-7.5l1.2-1.6H44.1z M49.2,44.6h5.5v4.9h-5.5V44.6z"/></g></svg>