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"My love" not in the romantic sense but it still stings. XD

"Goodnight my love".

Me: "Goodnight".

"I was talking to your dog".


The most beautiful Italian word is the monovocalic palindrome accavallavacca.

A machine (or a person) that puts cows over each other, to build a cow tower since everybody needs a tower made of cows.

"It was a dark and stormy night, cat decided to stay inside their cozy living room and reassure dog."

Unfortunately in reality we still need to go outside again.

Good afternoon.
It's a rainy day, dog didn't want to go out. Unfortunately for her I still have some authority.

There's this puppet show with a yeti. He reads books for kids (I mean, real physical books) to 2 little mouses.

That was my mother's role when I was a kid and my father invented stories for me. Then I was the reader for my brothers and kids that I babysat.

I don't know, the show is cute, yes, but it's just a tv show... I'm probably going to see it again since I still need my bedtime story, like most adults I guess.

But I would rather read to a real person ^^'

-ni il 6 ottobre al canile fanno una festicciola con tanto di sfilata, se avete qualcosa per gli ospiti è sempre ben accetta. Il canile è il soffio di vento.

The shelter workers still remember my dog. 😊 Despite never taking her there (it scares her, the previous adopter left her there after some months).

Since Molang director said that Molang and Piu Piu are not girls nor boys and that they always existed in history, it follows that they are immortal nonbinary demigods

That is the type of microtonal music that I like, it feels different but it's pretty accessible (I can't understand the lyrics but that's a frequent problem for me ^^')

learn totally correct Italian, violence 

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