Another idea before going to bed.
A deck with fan-shaped ( or ring shaped) cards and every drawing is anamorphic.

To see the real drawing you just need a metal tube.
The Polar coordinate filter in a lot of drawing softwares should distort a picture correctly.

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A little late but happy new year again. πŸ‡±πŸ‡°

Warning: decomposing corpse, nudity, and suicide ideation I guess.
It's a extraordinary hopeful music video, I promise.

It's English so they probably assumed that not too much people were going to understand the lyrics.

But, for commercials, they use opera arias (in Italian) that are actually pretty grim. So the assumption is that no one listen to the lyrics. ^^'

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"Planet O" was the first opening of Lupin the third in Italy. Why? No idea🀷

Like the shampoo commercial with "diamonds and guns" it's a catchy song and they could get away with it.

During lunch my parent talked about religion and we discovered that all of us had the first (and more important) crisis of faith at the old age of... 5

And that's why I roll my eyes when adults constantly underestimate children.

Anyway, mine was caused by the fear of death and loosing faith in the afterlife.

My mother couldn't reconcile the idea of an omnibenevolent, omnipotent god and the existence of bad things; the problem of evil, basically.

Aaand my father discovered that santa wasn't real.

I made an ugly template for card making.
Printing a decent single deck cost too much but I can recycle some opaque card sleeves and print the card on nice paper. βœ‚οΈ
I'm too lazy to draw all the pic for a tarot deck, but I can scribble some suits for a standard one.

Vital is a really, really good synth, relatively easy to use (even for inexperienced amateurs) but quite resource hungry, not open source.

It also supports microtonality.

small tips for owner of pets that have seizures 

And the usual: listen to your vet.
But if you have problems with them and you can get a second opinion, get a second opinion.

I changed mine. I didn't have big problems with the first one but I prefer the second.

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small tips for owner of pets that have seizures 

I repeat it constantly but, first thing first: keep yourself safe, especially your hands. You need them to help your pet.

Don't move them too much (unless they are in danger.) Putting a small pillow under their head is fine.

After the episode they probably are extremely hungry/try to steal food or eat poop too. So keep an eye on them.

This is disgusting but... I can count seconds and be precise (you need to know how much it lasted) and I counted out loud, with my mouth open. The pets can piss themself during an episode and you can imagine what happened to me. Don't do the same thing. XD

After an episode (if you don't need to take them to the vet asap) if they just want to walk, let them walk and calm themselves. Even if they seem drunk or can't see, as long as they don't hurt themselves let them do their things.

Also try to remember what your pet was doing before the episodes, sometimes there's an aura before the seizure.
Maybe your pet is hearing something that humans can't perceive; maybe is having an auditory hallucination before the seizure? Sometimes you can understand what is what. ^^

I'm sorry, maybe it's not a substance problem, just a presentation one, but it seems to me that a bunch of conlangers just like making tables.

Some of Togawa's stuff is edgy and quite ridiculous.
This one is just grim.

I only want some peace of mind.

Oh well... Photo of an intruder, doing crimes in her sleep.

I NFT forniscono solo un modo arzigogolato ed inquinante per giocare al piccolo mercante d'arte.

Ci sono giochi da tavolo come "modern art" per fare i megalomani senza rompere a nessuno. lol

A masterpiece of cake design. Exquisite modern art.

It tasted really good, at least...

Photosynthesis is a beautiful game with simple rules and a deep gameplay.
The theme of the boardgame helps with the rules to the point that they seem obvious.

We like danger. 🐢

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹