food, not vegetarian and absolutely disgusting for most people. I mean it. 

I know that most of you, myself included, dislike Disney (for lots of good reasons). But you like elephants, right? ^^

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Who else let their hairs grows for years because they don't care?
And then they cut nearly everything because it is hot, it's easy to diy (and they still don't care)?

I understand the symbolism behind this type of change but it's strange that haircut-sloppines isn't more frequent. 馃

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You can cook the condiments in a pan, if you want. Or not.

A really easy pasta recipe, that maybe I already wrote (and only works when the ingredients are pretty good) is just:

Cut some tomatoes (like cherry tomatoes or something similar).
Add garlic to taste, just crush it a little or cut it finely. Basil, pepper, salt, chili peppers, lots of olive oil.

Wait 20/30 minute, or 0, if you are in a hurry.

Cook the pasta, strain it and just add the condiment (cough cough, you don't need to eat the basil in your plate).

food, cake recipe 

food, cake recipe 


le festeggiate non leggano 

The most glaring example is the tower, of course. But do you know that everything in Pisa lies at an angle? :heart_pride:

Dog after bath: clean, soft, beautiful fur. Perfect, just perfect.

Human: tired, smelly, poo poo head.


And that's it.
The original game is played with hollow colourful pyramids. Pretty nice to look at it.

Or it can be played with pen and paper using letters or drawings.

Goodnight. ^^

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