Capricorno credo? ascendente boh.
Capricorno ascendente gallina livornese. :chicken:

Missclicks/clicks > 0.5
For a genuine mastodon experience.

Nelle impostazioni del tuo account, sotto preferenze-> interfaccia-> tema.
Ma è veramente bianco, acceca pure questo.

"My love" not in the romantic sense but it still stings. XD

"Goodnight my love".

Me: "Goodnight".

"I was talking to your dog".


The most beautiful Italian word is the monovocalic palindrome accavallavacca.

A machine (or a person) that puts cows over each other, to build a cow tower since everybody needs a tower made of cows.

Oh, the special effects are charming. And one scene is genuinely scary.

Io la butto là, ma qualche piatto del Tamil Nadu saprei cucinarlo. Ho pure gli ingredienti al momento.

big stereotypes.

Like, I don't know how it is in the USA, but in Italy you can eat a lot of tasty, traditional (and therefore well know) vegetarian food but people here still thinks that vegetarian cooking is bland??

All of them are so cute. This thread is a blessing. :blobmeltsoblove:

Neppure gli amici disposti a buttarsi nel fuoco per te restituiscono i libri. :blobcrysob:

"It was a dark and stormy night, cat decided to stay inside their cozy living room and reassure dog."

Unfortunately in reality we still need to go outside again.

Good afternoon.
It's a rainy day, dog didn't want to go out. Unfortunately for her I still have some authority.

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