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So maybe an again now that I have a new home.

I'm qwazix, my other name is Michalis and I'm constantly wondering who I am. I live in Athens, GR. I'm in the process of exploring relationship stuff and taking some first slow steps towards polyamory.

I like movies, photography, computers, cars, doing things with my hands, cooking and I obsess with different things every now and then.

I usually post small stories from my life or my imagination, stuff I cook, photos I take, my mental state, stuff I make and other everyday things.

I made some really good friends on here and fedi is part of my life for more than 4 years now even if I'm not always very active.

Thanks for the warm welcome, many ♥️♥️ from me.

meta algorithms + 

I know algorithms are a hot topic but I think there could be a togglable algo that could be a positive addition: one that gives equal space to all your follows, it hides some posts by your prolific follows behind a button so that you miss less of your less talkative ones.

This is a subtoot to @22 's post.

Creating or repairing mechanical stuff demystifies the world. Instead of seeing black boxes everywhere you see sums of parts that somebody made, somebody else assembled and so on. It makes you feel less powerless and dependent and yet it makes it so clear that we need each other to make complex stuff work.

Philosophy and motorcycle maintenance do have common ground after all.

Case closed :-P

It's temporary, I only closed it so that the cover would push the crankshaft bearing down the shaft, and it did, successfully. Now I have to add gasket maker and close it for good.

(And hope I didn't forget anything out :ablobgrimace: )

I'm stuck because a bearing is stuck. Tomorrow I need to obtain a bearing removal tool.

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I think I now have everything I need to reassemble this engine. Wish me luck, I've never done this before 😊

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Meta, single-user instances fetishization - 

I can go on arguing that that is even worse than corporate silos. At least they have "some" moderation. Single user instances for everybody means every user should do moderation for all accounts in existence.

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Meta, single-user instances fetishization - 

If everybody was self hosting an instance we would go back to having to block individual people. I'm all for keeping instances small, but idealising single user instances for everyone has libertarian overtones to me.

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more meta (embrace, extend, extinguish) 

I'm seeing some Embrace, Extend, Extinguish hand wringing circulate this morning.

I don't want to write another blog post, folks won't stop boosting the last one.

So it's post time. I'll keep it brief.

If Google, or some other big player, shows up in this space, will defederate immediately.

Before any worrying signs, before any extensions to the standard.

I'll defederate and move on with my life.

M.S is already too big. I already have them silenced instance wide. If any existing player tries to join in with bluster, they'll find themselves banned here (and, I imagine, across 90% of the small instances.)

They still can't stop me from running my own mail server, even if they mark most of my outgoing mail as spam.

So, at the least, we're not going anywhere.

Final product, next to 3d printed equivalent (the printed one is flipped)

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Having recently migrated from cybre (and before that, .social) I forget how nice it is to scroll the local timeline.

In times like this where my own timeline has become less "my friends" and more "yay new people, let's welcome them", it's refreshing.

I don't want to turn off boosts either because welcoming new people is fun, but it's like going to a party where you don't know everyone. It's fun but it can become exhausting too.

Current workshop/living-space state: A mess

(For some reason this feels completely comfortable)

\cc @OldBrushNewPaper (sorry, couldn't resist :-P)

I think I've talked about this again some time ago but here's an idea:

An activityPub server that offloads all but activityPub messaging to other systems. In other words, there's no login, no users, no web interface.

It just loads posts from a specified directory in the filesystem and publishes them. When it sees a new file it does what mastodon does when someone toots. Followers and followees are also lists of handles in two files.

It maybe be a good idea to support unifiedPush to notify somebody when something happens.

This way, you can use your own server with minimal setup and whatever you like to put files where they should be put: nextcloud, ssh, git, your own php script, or email for that matter.

Auth is also relegated to something else. Your nextcloud users, ssh keys, or just physical access to your server.

Am I missing something?

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