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if you'd like to commission me, here's my website with pricing info, and various ways to contact me
:cactuar: thank you for your support~ :cactuar:

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hello bananachips!! im tobi. im a freelance artist, mostly pixel art, acrylic paintings, and inks. i enjoy playing video games a good bit, and i love my cat, kumatora a lot. im an enby trans man, and i have a wonderful partner i live with. i used to be @Totticus but i felt like it was a good time to move! also luckyduck was very nice to invite me.
lets be friends! :cactuar:

p.s. this is kumatora

what the fuck never in my life have i ever seen an electronic wind instrument and i feel robbed to only just now heard of it

A guide for non autistic people on how not to support ableism in April 

Here's the first piece I wrote to #FreeThemALL! Check it out! The offer to write 200 words on a subject of your choice is still standing! Just give 18 bucks to Let My People Go

im gonna make my pillow fort thing soon and play some games under it

Here's this week's #FridayFeelsRadio playlist coming to you from DJ @ArtistMarciaX and DJ @Shrigglepuss 🎧
We're going for a nightclub vibe on this one, there's a definite shift in energy which is cute like going from one club to an other x

yeah im dtf
Find warm rock to warm on

I'm BORED! And I want to WRITE! So I'll tell you what we'll do: If you can prove you've given 18 Dollars to Let My People Go - The New York Immigrant Freedom Fund, I'll write 200 words on your topic or prompt of choice! #FreeThemALL

Really excited to see people doing rent strikes the right non-reckless way: well prepared, lawyered-up, with everyone in the building/block.

April's getting close so here's a reminder:
- you never strike alone & people online don't count. You need to work with the other tenants of the same landlord.
- you never strike without a plan on how to deal with retaliation.
- a strike isn't a protest, it's a fight. Expect your opponent to fight back. Make sure you have a plan for how to win.

Hey so tonight at 8pm CST some crazy friends of mine are gonna be doing their insane game-show take on "small streamed concerts". With many twists.

(Guess who drew the logo.)

Selling art, please boost! 

Hi all! If you're in need of distraction and money is a barrier, I've made all my books free on!

💀 🖤 📚 ✨

That's a 422 page fantasy novel, plus a supporting novelette and short stories.

Review from RockStarlit Book Asylum: "Although its setting not exactly cheery, there is something utterly charming in this book that just won me over."

Please enjoy my unexpectedly charming novel about black magic.


I've assembled a small pack of 7 detailed, intricate mandalas for colouring. They start at my normal level of detail (which is usually quite detailed XD), then get more difficult with smaller details.

The pack is free, but you can tip me if you want to! (And you can change the 'suggested' tip to any amount you like).

Enjoy! Should keep you busy for a few days of isolation at least :D

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #AdultColouring

It seems like a lot of people are feeling justifiably anxious right now and having trouble dealing with it. A lot of common anxiety management strategies assume your fears are irrational, so here are some tips that might help deal with it when they aren't!

Thread. The rest will be unlisted.

To all White Flight members who got a return trip back to Masto from Twitter:


Anyone in the greater Manchester area, who has some chickens?

We're a household of 4 that eats and bakes with a fair amount of eggs.

Boosts welcome!

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