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Server rules

Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

  1. Be kind and respectful to everyone you interact with.

Bananachips.club admins: @Iuckyduck and @june

We do our best to be kind and respectful to those we interact with.

Below are the general guidelines we follow on this instance:

What is not allowed

This instance does not allow content (or external links to content) that:

  • is illegal under EU and/or Canadian law; involves minors and/or non-consenting parties in a sexual context, including nudity;
  • depicts people in a sexual context or in the nude, if those people did not consent to the publication of the content (in other words, revenge porn);
  • promotes hate speech, including (but not limited to) Nazism, Fascism, racism, xenophobia, white nationalism, antisemitism, Holocaust denial, and islamophobia;
  • discriminates and is intolerant to people in terms of their gender identity, gender expression, nationality, language, race, ethnic affiliation, age, religion, sexual and romantic orientation, physical and mental health, body shape and size, social and economical status;
  • harasses other people, including (but not limited to) by means of threats, doxxing and sealioning;
  • promotes and/or glamourizes eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia;
  • is qualified as spam;
  • distributes malware, spyware, ransomware, or other content that can harm other users’ computers.

What is allowed (within limits)

The following content is allowed only under suitable content warnings (CWs):

  • nudity (both in photographs and in drawings);
  • explicitly sexual content (both in visual and textual form) that does not violate the previous points;
  • depictions of gore and/or death;
  • flashing and/or moving images that may trigger epileptic seizures.

Users are allowed to plug their content, products, and services, as long as they also participate actively to the community.

Moderation principles

This instance is friendly to and supportive of:

  • people of colour;
  • ethnic and cultural minorities;
  • gay, lesbian, bisexual, and pansexual people;
  • transgender, non-binary, and intersex people;
  • asexual and aromantic people;
  • neurodivergent people;
  • people with disabilities;
  • survivors of sexual assault and/or of harassment;
  • sex workers of any gender.

Providing a safe space for them is the moderators' priority.

The moderators reserve the final judgment about what constitutes a violation of these rules and what does not.

The moderators will also choose whether to silence or suspend instances in light of these principles and the list of unaccepted content.

Bananachips.club will suspend any instance launched, acquired or funded by Alphabet, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, or Elsevier.

About your privacy

This instance abides by a modified version of Mastodon's privacy policy.